Excellent forage supplement

Super levels of trace minerals

Super levels of vitamins

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Triple Mag 165

A high quality magnesium supplement based on a Triple Mag formulation to specifically tackle the risk of grass tetany. Triple Mag is a unique combination of three magnesium sources to optimise quality, uptake and palatability. With 16.5% magnesium, trace minerals and vitamins, Triple Mag 165 ensures it can deal with the harshest of conditions.

Also used as an excellent forage supplement to maximise intakes and health at grass.

Key Features

  • Triple Mag formulation
  • 16.5% Magnesium
  • Quality trace minerals with protected copper

Feeding Instructions

Distribute buckets over total grazing area in order to maximise available intake.
Intake – Adult cattle 150-200g/day (100-130 daily intakes).

Phosphorous 0.5%
Calcium 5%
Magnesium 16.5%
Sodium 6%
Cobalt 60 mg/kg
Iodine 400 mg/kg
Copper 2,500 mg/kg
Zinc 4,000 mg/kg
Manganese 2,000 mg/kg
Selenium 35 mg/kg
Vit A 160,000 iu/kg
Vit D3 40,000 iu/kg
Vit E 500 iu/kg
Vit B12 1,000 mcg/kg
Cu-Tech Yes
Triple Mag Yes
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