Why supplementation?

The importance of energy, mineral and vitamin supplementation is often underestimated until a deficiency manifests itself by which time both the animal health and productivity will have suffered. Some deficiencies can go unnoticed until it is too late so it is important to be proactive.

  • Typical disorders include:

  • Poor
  • Foot
  • Poor new born
    calf vitality
  • Poor
  • Infertility
  • Grass
  • Proneness to

The Benefits of Using TOPSTOCK

Molassed bucket licks have become very popular over the past 25 years as they produce numerous benefits over compound mixes. The plastic bucket eliminates wastage, is weatherproof and allows free access feeding at all times and with proper location points it promotes natural foraging behaviours. Not only that but simple delivery and a long shelf life means it’s also cost effective and labour saving as well as being palatable to the animal.



Herd fertility is one of the key measures of success in farming today. This means minimal calving intervals, healthy embryo development, easy calving’s and of course healthy calves. As a result today’s farmer is much more focused on issues such as bull EBVs, cow conditioning and hence nutrition. Managing the ongoing condition and health of the cow will have a direct and indirect effect on the cow’s fertility. Directly by helping bring the cow back into cycle, and indirectly by maintaining the health and performance of the reproductive system.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins all contribute to the reproductive performance of the cow. Extensive research over the last 100 years has shown how livestock deficient in certain nutrients suffer from low fertility and unhealthy pregnancies. Major minerals such as phosphorus & calcium and trace elements such as copper, selenium, iodine, zinc, cobalt & manganese all have important roles to play in the cow’s reproductive system. Other supplements such as Omega3 oils have also been shown to affect reproductive performance. For more specific information such minerals and supplements, please refer to our mineral guide for livestock.

TOPSTOCK prides itself in being able to produce products that directly support the fertility of the cow. Through a stress free method the cow can obtain the natural daily intakes of supplementation she needs to maximise her fertility.


If the animal doesn’t perform, the farming enterprise will not succeed. Maximising outputs from low inputs should therefore be focused upon. Therefore efficient growth, reproduction and milk production should aimed to be maximised from the inputs you use. Nutritional efficiency is at the forefront in achieving these targets.

Minerals heavily support the production system of the cow. They help optimise the performance of the rumen getting the most out of the cow’s diet. They play a key part in mobilising energy reserves in volume milk production. And they contribute to the production of quality colostrum.
Through the use of free access bucket licks, TOPSTOCK can ensure the animals performance is optimised whether it be through the production of healthy calves or the improvement in daily live-weight gain from a forage diet.

Health status

Poor nutrition results in a depressed immune system which leads on to higher risks of illness & infection. With the increased pressures on enterprise efficiency, cows are under more stress than ever to perform. To achieve this, a strong “underbelly” is essential. Any weaknesses will be quickly exposed and performance quickly affected. Minerals play a key role in supporting a strong immune system and the overall health status of the cow. Specific minerals and supplements can target certain conditions and enable the animal to overcome them.

TOPSTOCK through its specialist range have a range of products specifically formulated to help with certain health conditions and support a strong immune system. By allowing the animal access to such supplementation through a stress free method, livestock are in the best condition to deal with such risks.