Why supplementation?

The importance of energy, mineral and vitamin supplementation is often underestimated until a deficiency manifests itself by which time both the animal health and productivity will have suffered. Some deficiencies can go unnoticed until it is too late so it is important to be proactive.

  • Typical disorders include:

  • Poor
  • Foot
  • Poor new born
    calf vitality
  • Poor
  • Infertility
  • Grass
  • Proneness to

The Benefits of Using TOPFLOCK

Flock fertility is one of the key measures of success in sheep enterprises today. Healthy and prolific tupping followed by a stress free and efficient gestation are key to maintaining a profitable flock. Supplementary nutrition at this point is key ensuring the ewe comes into cycle quickly and effectively. Healthy eggs are needed with a stress free environment within the womb to ensure fertilised eggs are held. This can only be achieved through effective supplementation of key minerals and trace elements.

TOPFLOCK prides itself in being able to produce products that directly support the fertility of the ewe. Through a stress free method the ewe can obtain the natural daily intakes of supplementation she needs to maximise her fertility.

Performance benefits

If the animal doesn’t perform, the farming enterprise will not succeed. Performance should simply be the achievement of a maximum gain between inputs and outputs. This is where good management plays a key role as it requires a constant balancing between changing inputs and uncertain outputs. Either way you should always aim to get the most out of what you put in. Growth and prolificacy are both heavily reliant on nutritional inputs.

Minerals play a key role in managing each of these from optimising the performance of the rumen to the production of high quality colostrum. It is therefore important for the animal to receive a stable and consistent supply of such supplements to support these requirements.
Through the use of free access bucket licks, TOPFLOCK can ensure the animals performance is optimised whether it is through the production of healthy twin lambs or the improvement in daily conditioning from a forage diet.

Health status

Poor nutrition results in a depressed immune system which leads on to higher risks of illness & infection. With the increased pressures on enterprise efficiency, ewes are under more stress than ever to perform. To achieve this, a strong health status is essential. Any weaknesses will be quickly exposed and performance quickly affected. Minerals play a key role in supporting a strong immune system and the overall health status of the ewe. Specific minerals and supplements can target certain conditions and enable the animal to overcome them.

TOPFLOCK through its specialist range have a range of products specifically formulated to help with certain health conditions commonly associated with sheep. By allowing the animal access to such supplementation through a stress free method, livestock are in the best conditions to deal with such risks.